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Official note from Cuban Embassy, Washington warns about 8 year ban to the owner of the passport

The hidden world of the doctors Cuba sends overseas

Cuba has long been renowned for its medical diplomacy - thousands of its doctors work in healthcare missions around the world, earning the country billions of dollars in cash. But according to a new report, some of the doctors themselves say conditions can be nightmarish - controlled by minders, subject to a curfew and posted to extremely dangerous places...Read more

Families of the "Deserter" Doctors Are Having a Hard Time in Cuba

“When we were there our families suffered from distance but enjoyed economic privileges that they would not otherwise have known, now they take it out on the relatives of those who stayed behind...”Read more

"Deserter" Doctors Call a Demonstration Against Ban on Returning to Cuba

The group #NoSomosDesertores #SomosCubanosLibres has been carrying out a Campaign for Family Unity for months, asking Havana for the chance to return...Read More

Thousands of Cuban doctors stranded in Brazil with nowhere to go

Labeled "deserters" in their homeland and unable to practice medicine in Brazil, some 2,500 Cuban doctors are trying to survive after refusing to return to Cuba following the termination of the Mas Medicos (More Doctors) medical assistance program due to differences between President Jair Bolsonaro and Havana...Read more

Enslaved Doctors

It is no coincidence that when doctors and medical experts abandon their missions and seek refuge where there are no agreements with the regime, they are officially branded as deserters. They flee from their roles as political pawns, the restrictions on their movements and contacts, the surveillance they are under at all times. They reject being soldiers...Read more 

Cuba’s Deserters

The immigration authorities were categorical. As punishment for what the father had done, they were refusing to grant the son permission to leave for five years. I myself spoke with an official and insisted that such a measure seems neither just nor legal...Read more